About us

About us

Our brand new 4 surgery practice in College Street, opened in November 2020. This custom-built eco-friendly building features, heat exchangers, rainwater collection, hospital-grade air exchange system and an enormous generator so power cuts will be a thing of the past! We are very much looking forward to continuing to treat our existing patients and welcoming new ones to our new surgery.


ImeldaCarrickmacross Co. Monaghan

I had always been embarrassed by my false teeth which I felt were too big and not like my own ones. Dr Little made me a new set and I can’t stop smiling! I don’t whistle any more when I talk. My confidence has returned.
Thank you Railway Dental Surgery.

MargaretCootehill Co. Cavan

I have never left the dentist before without them hurting me. I got 3 teeth out and I didn't even know I had it done.
Thanks Frances.

GeraldineClones, Co. Monaghan

Love my new smile, got my braces done in 5 months and I only wish I had done it years ago, it was so easy

FionaCrosserlough, Co Cavan

I was getting married and was so worried about how my teeth would look in the photos. Frances gave me lots of different choices and I ended up getting my teeth bleached and veneered. I am over the moon and 5 years on they look as good as the day they were done.

AndrewCavan Town

I broke my front tooth in an accident at work and got it fixed by a dentist in Dublin, it still hurt and kept swelling up but he kept telling me it was fine. Frances did root canal and put on a crown which looks like my other teeth and doesn’t hurt anymore.

Our team

Dr Frances Little

Dr Frances Little graduated from the university of Dundee and is the principle dentist. With keen interest in postgraduate education, she regularly attends courses in both Ireland and in the UK which ensures the most up to date practices are employed. She has a special interest in aesthetic dentistry and can offer several different treatment options for most patient’s cosmetic concerns. She has had extensive training in dealing with traumatic dental injuries and all types of sports dentistry.

Dr Lubna Abouhajar

Dr Lubna Abouhajar is a trinity graduate and has a great interest in restorative work and bonding. Her conservative approach and her gentle nature make her a firm favourite with anybody who feels nervous about dental treatment.

Dr. Sinead O'Sullivan

Dr. Sinead O'Sullivan is a trinity graduate. Originally from Co. Kerry, she joined us in 2013 and is a keen footballer with her local club in Lacken who are enjoying great success.
She has a special interest in oral medicine and is well placed to advise any patients about unsual lumps and lesions in their mouths they are worried about.

Louise Dunne

Louise Dunne is an Athlone graduate and our treatment coordinator for the more complex cases which can require specialist input in conjunction with treatments provided by ourselves. She liases with specialists both north and south of the border to ensure the highest level of care for all of our patients.

Irene Murray

Irene Murray is a Belfast graduate and has been a dental nurse for over 20years so is well placed to answer any queries you may have about general treatment or dental treatment schemes available

Dr Irene Sebastian

Dr Irene Sebastian graduated from Trinity and enjoys all type of family dentistry. She has a special empathy with children and a keen interest in the diagnosis and management of TMJ problems.

Yvonne Conlon

Yvonne Conlon is our Belfast trained nurse receptionist who has spent several years in practices in the Cavan area and is up to date with all the changes that have taken place with medical card and PRSI schemes in recent years if you have any queries.

Dr Mark McCreesh

Dr Mark McCreesh has been treating patients from all over Cavan and Fermanagh for many years. He offers a wide range of orthodontic treatment including invisalign and his close links with the royal dental school ensure that even the most complex surgical cases can be accommodated.

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