Tooth Whitening

Many patients want whiter teeth and will always ask about the latest toothpaste/mouthwash/beauticians treatment etc. Unfortunately, the only thing that can actually change the shade of your teeth long term is a properly prescribed and monitored course of tooth whitening

At Railway Dental Surgery we use 2 different types of systems:

  • Zoom in house bleaching and a home maintenance kit:
    This combination is our most popular. It involves the use of trays for a couple of days at home followed by a 1hour session in the surgery, then a couple of days at home. The results tend to be very good and patients like it as they get an immediate result and because they have the maintenance kit there is no need to return for another course of bleaching in a few years unlike the more traditional “laser whitening” which is still offered by many but does not have the longevity of this system.
  • Tray Whitening:
    While this is a more traditional system it is still widely used and provides a good result. The patient uses custom made trays and bleaches at home for approximately 2 weeks every night under our supervision using prescribed bleach. Once the trays are kept safe and minimal maintenance is done once or twice a year, there is no need to ever complete another course of bleaching to keep a great result.

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