Crowns are a commonly placed restoration. They are usually done because:

  • There is not enough tooth left to hold in a filling.
  • There is a very discoloured or misaligned tooth that is too dark or too crooked for a veneer.
  • We are very concerned about a tooth fracturing more so that it cannot be fixed and will be lost so a crown is put on to protect it.

The procedure is very similar in all cases and usually involves two visits. At the first visit, the tooth preparation is done which involves removal of some of the tooth substance so that the crown can be fitted over what is left. At the second visit, the crown is fitted once the patient and dentist are happy with the fit and appearance. A temporary crown will be in situ for the duration of the treatment.

All crowns are not the same and a range of different options are available with or without metal to fit different situations and budgets. Your dentist will discuss these various options with you.

  • All-porcelain crowns: these give the most natural result and eliminate the black line at the gum that many people associate with crowns.
  • Porcelain with a metal under layer, these are usually on back teeth as the metal layer provides more strength.
  • A gold shell crown, not very commonly used but very useful in patients with severe tooth grinding habits.

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